Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bill White's campaign is too negative...

Bill White is way too negative (link). Excerpt follows...

Ricky Perry is responsible for baldness, cancer and for making a little girl cry because he would not help her get her cat down from a tree!!

I really don’t like Rick Perry. But I am really, really beginning to dislike Bill White. The two men are in a battle to be Texas’ next governor. White, a Democrat, at least has a shot at staying close to Perry and that is a big deal in Texas. No Democrat has won statewide public office since 1994 or so. I think many people including Republicans are getting tired of Rick Perry. At first I thought White had a real chance to beat Perry. I am not so sure anymore. And it’s pretty much of White’s doing.

I bet the guy is running ads in your state even if you are not from Texas. He’s gotten absurd with his ads. I think he’s running one now in Minot, North Dakota. As time has gone on it’s been apparent that Perry has the lead in polls and such. White’s campaign will say and do just about anything to portray Perry in a bad light.

The White campaign just throws stuff out to see if it will stick. When it doesn’t they just toss something else out. He has not been able to catch Perry in any sort of situation that might look bad enough to cause the public not to vote for Perry. As a matter of fact, White has some shady dealings in his past as mayor of Houston and before when he was in Washington.

Bill White has been critical of Perry for not wanting to debate him. Even though I usually like to see debates I think Perry was much too smart for Bill White on that score. White would have twisted and distorted everything Rick Perry had ever done. White would have accused Perry of causing baldness and cancer. So Perry was wise not to debate White.

I don’t know about it all. I am very frustrated with Bill White. I considered voting for the guy but he has lost me with his campaign style. Wait just a minute … yes, he’s at it again. Bill White just accused Rick Perry of letting an entire 18-wheeler load of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream melt. See what I mean!!

Bill White has just been flinging crap against the wall and hoping it would stick. I think he has used up his credibility with the press with regard to those stupid press conferences he keeps having about the latest outrage he has concocted...

I have been around politics long enough to know that if you are just flinging crap this late in the game, you are going down hard... it could get ugly for Bill White in the next two weeks...

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  1. RickvsKay, there are some issues that I strongly disagree with Gov. Perry, but at least he's doing a good job and if I was a professor, I'd give him a B +.


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