Monday, October 25, 2010

Knock 'em out the box Rick... knock 'em out Rick...

This is great...

Rick looks awesome in this... I want to hang out with that guy... what is not to like? The chorus is really the only thing you remember... and it is knock 'em out the box Rick...

He has sexy women around him... cigars... has a cool man cave... he likes the Texas Rangers baseball team...

This music video is a keeper for sure... and probably a net positive for Rick when all is said and done.


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  2. That's what Democrats in Texas have been doing with their time and money??? No wonder Gov. Perry is winning easily in this race. I bet donors to Bill White want their money back for this one! Ouch.

  3. White's so DESPERATE, he'll do anything for attention.

    Octosurfer, when Perry campaigns, he draws a big crowd everywhere he goes, but when White holds a press conference or campaign appearance only 6 people show up.

    Remember when KBH had only 12 people showing up at her campaign apperances in the GOP primary ? and we all know how that went.


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