Saturday, October 16, 2010

How quaint to believe abstinence prevents pregnancy...

Some details Rick should have apparently had at his disposal with Evan Smith when Evan asked about abstinence education(link). Excerpt follows...
Since Texas began promoting abstinence-based education, teen pregnancies are down 24%, teen abortions have dropped by 41%, and teen births are down 22%.
Yes but snicker and belittle peeps who believe abstinence works... it is the only proven method that works 100% of the time at preventing STDs and pregnancy alike...


  1. Rick said something to the like of, "Abstinence works, I know from first hand experience."

    He was certainly not expecting that question and he stumbled through it. I don't think people are making fun of the premise of this, but it was wildly awkward. It was almost like he was referencing his sex life... something I'd argue no one would like to hear about from either candidate.

  2. Anon, are you hearing any reports the Democratic Governors Association pulling the plug here in Texas since they need to be spending money on California (Brown is ahead in the 4th consecutive poll) and Florida (Sink's got a good shot of winning there) ?


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