Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bill White's team has spent a lot more than Rick's peeps... on nearly everything...

Christy Hoppe has analyzed spending in the governors race and found some interesting pieces of information (link). Excerpt follows...
AUSTIN – Rick Perry and Bill White have spent $22 million since their spring primary victories, the bulk of it on pick-me TV ads. 
Bill White's team has spent more than a hundred grand on social media ads... which basically accounts for their entire advantage of numbers on Facebook fans...
I thought this line was pretty funny...

  White spokeswoman Katy Bacon said the Perry campaign has "spent a lot on bells and whistles." Records show the Democrat's technology might be less fancy, but it is more expensive.
White has spent more on technology and web ads over the past eight months – $593,000 vs. Perry's $331,000.     

The Democrats might suck, but they are spending more money for the right to suck... lol...

It is amazing to see how much more Bill White has spent than Rick since the primary... and how he didn't make a dent in Rick's poll numbers...


  1. Burnt Orange report gives UT a bad name. The University of Texas should sue them to protect their brand.

  2. Anon, the folks at Burnt Orange Report can't realize their overhyping of White will blow up big in their faces.

    Perry by around 13-17 points.

  3. I VOTED FOR RICK PERRY TODAY!!! Proud to be from Texas, proud to be Republican, proud to be helping re-elect Rick Perry!

  4. Octosurfer, I plan on voting early sometime this week.

  5. Conservative Democrat, better late than never (well, your not really late but you know what I mean) :D

  6. Octosurfer, I just got done with early voting and voted for Perry and the rest of the GOP statewide officeholders.

  7. RickvsKay, the turnout in early voting among the suburbs outside of Harris County (mostly Republicans) is bad news for liberal Bill White, who is so desperate, he'll pander to anyone.


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