Monday, October 4, 2010

The George Soros of Texas?

Matt Angle is the DC based liberal who is the de facto leader of the Democratic Party in Texas...

Steve Mostyn might better be paralleled to George Soros at this point now that Fred Baron and John O'Quinn have passed away. Mother Jones profiles the Texas Democratic Trust (link). Excerpt follows...
Much of this wouldn't have been possible without Angle—and without the late Fred Baron, a Texas lawyer whose hefty donations to Democratic causes led some to dub him "the Texas George Soros." Together, they created a state-based organization with a single clear mission: Help Democrats take Austin in five years.
The new Texas Soros is Steve Mostyn. Will he keep the Texas Democratic Trust open? The original mission was very time specific and runs out this year...

After Democrats get smacked around, what will happen to this Washington based group? What happens to the funding when it becomes clear 2012 will be just as bad for Democrats as 2010 was? Will a new group pop up in 2014 when "demographics" will have allegedly shifted the state?

Time will tell won't it.

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  1. The game plan is modeled after the one that flipped Colorado from reliably Republican to Dem over just a few election cycles.

    The good news for Texas (and Texans) is that the group of Texas millionaires and strategists have been much more clumsy and undisciplined than the handful of people (along with quite a few well meaning dupes) who flipped Colorado. Check out the book _The Blueprint_ for the definitive account of the Colorado approach. Mr. Angle even gets a few mentions. Still, just in the Houston area, they managed to knock off GOP pols in close races (Heflin, Wong, Murphy come to mind).


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