Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Early voting peek...

Numbers on early voting are updated thanks to Jason Embry passing them along (link). Excerpt follows...

Thanks to Democratic pollster Jeff Smith, we have some updated data on who voted in the first week in more than 50 of the state’s counties. Yesterday I had figures for more than 600,000 early-voters through the first four days. The following numbers are for more than 900,000 voters through the first full week of early voting:
17 percent voted in the 2010 Democratic primary
35 percent voted in the 2010 Republican primary
43 percent have at some point voted in a Democratic primary
48 percent have at some point voted in a Republican primary
(There could be crossover in those numbers, because you can vote in a Republican primary in one election and the Democratic primary in the next election.)
20 percent have no history of voting in a primary in their county
Again, it’s important to remember that this is just a glimpse at what’s going on out there — while it covers the state’s major urban and suburban counties, there are areas of the state that aren’t represented here. Many voters are likely waiting to vote on Election Day. And past primary participation is not indicative of current party preference.

Continues to look good for Republicans... but take those numbers with a grain of salt since there are still days and days of early voting left...

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  1. On the Texas Civil Justice League Poll: Perry is leading by 15 points in the Houston media market (not good for White) and by 12 points in the San Antonio media market.

    Both are essentially tied in the Dallas area, while White leads in Austin and border area markets, Perry is leading very handily in the Fort Worth area and in West Texas.


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