Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rick bashes newspapers...

Rick correctly points out that newspapers are becoming worthless (link). Excerpt follows...

— Candidates for high political office usually grovel for newspaper endorsements. Not Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Breaking from a decades-old tradition, the governor isn't even bothering to meet with editorial writers, much less ask for their blessing.
The way Perry sees it, newspapers are old news and have lost much of their influence. In a rapidly changing media climate, Perry said he decided before the March primaries that seeking their endorsements was a waste of time. After winning by 20 percentage points, the governor said he sees no reason to switch strategies in his race against Democrat Bill White.
"The most prized resource that you have is the candidate's time, and what is the best return on your investment that you can get with a candidate's time," Perry told The Associated Press. "It was a calculated decision, but you know the world is really changing, I mean, the way people get their information, who they listen to, etc. Put it all on the balance beam and the balance was toward not doing the editorial boards."
Newspaper editorialists have responded to Perry's snub with fury, accusing him of doing a disservice to voters by refusing to submit to unscripted questioning.

Rick seems to be answering questions every day... so what's the big deal anyway?

You have to love Rick's contempt for the peeps who have such contempt for Rick.


  1. Rick's contempt for the liberal media makes him the most in tuned to Texans all across this state as media trust is and has been in decline.
    I don't blame him for not trusting them anyway! They stop at nothing everyday in trying to beat his balls into the ground on every freaking issue! So the media is worthless in my opinion, they don't report anything.

  2. You would think after their girl, KBH got her butt handed to her in the March 2nd GOP primary that the state's newspapers would learn their lesson, but they won't and they're going to get used to 4 more years of Gov. Perry.


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