Friday, October 15, 2010

Tim Kaine is obsessed with Rick...

DNC chairman Tim Kaine just keeps bashing Texas and tearing down Rick (link). Excerpt follows...

 he focused his rhetorical intensity on Texas' GOP governor, claiming that he has a failed record on educating the state's kids and providing health insurance for its citizens. He said he sensed "great enthusiasm" among grassroots Democrats during campaign visits last week to Houston and El Paso.
"We've got a shot at Texas," he told the gathering organized by the Christian Science Monitor. "The Perry (poll) numbers keep bumping up against a plateau and can't get above 50 (percent)."
Perry has held a consistent lead in polling ever since he and Democrat Bill White won their parties' nominations in March. But many of the polls show Perry leading by single digits, and Democrats are hoping for a last-minute change of fortunes.
Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner dismissed Kaine's comments as anti-Texas.
"It's not surprising that President's Obama's political mouthpiece would tear down Texas, which is leading the country economically, on behalf of Bill White, the Democrats' most ethically challenged candidate in the country," Miner said.

As I wrote in a blog before (link)... Tim Kaine probably sees Texas getting 4 new seats in the House and is thinking to himself... oh no... I think Obama also wrongly probably sees Rick as a potential rival in 2012 and wants to take him down a peg now...

As for his points that the race is close, I guess he needs to check out the New York Times. I thought liberals read that rag? They have Bill White as a 7.6% chance of winning (link), which has fallen in the past couple of weeks.

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