Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ooops... Bill White hypocritical on calling Obama the "president"

Bill White is getting some serious backlash for his sanctimonious, hypocritical lecturing on calling Obama the "president" (link). Excerpt follows...

"As a citizen I call him president. President Obama," White said. "Whoever is the commander in chief, whether it be George W. Bush or President Obama, you need to refer to our president as our president."
Later, speaking to reporters outside the studio where the interview was being taped, White referred to the TV ad in which Perry says he "confronted Barack Obama" during the president's visit to Austin. Perry, as governor, greeted Obama at the Austin airport upon his arrival and gave him a letter asking the federal government to boost security along the Texas-Mexico border.
"We teach our kids and others to show respect to the office," White said.
A reporter then reminded the former Houston mayor that he sometimes calls the governor "Rick Perry" without using his title. "That's true," White said. "The office of the presidency, we've always treated as a special office."
Perry's campaign supplied media clips of White calling the president "Barack Obama" without the title, and White saying, "I was in the oil and gas business when he (Obama) was a community organizer."

Three areas where he is hypocritical.

Number one... Bill White rarely calls Rick "Governor"...

Number two... Bill White called Bush "George W. Bush" just seconds after saying you should always say "president"...

Number three and most importantly... Bill White has called Obama Obama and not "president"... he also called him a "community organizer" in a seemingly derogatory manner... Bill White also avoided Obama like the plague when he came to Texas.


Obama Obama Obama...

I will go one further... Barack Hussein Obama. Oh no... I used his full name... how disrespectful....

Bill White should keep defending Obama... see how that works out for him.

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  1. The Perry campaign has launched a new TV ad that should be airing statewide today with Obama's face so that Indys can be more ticked off at White, who is an Obama clone.


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