Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poll details on Rick's 11 point lead on Bill White...

A few more details on the poll that Wayne Slater tweeted about yesterday (link). Excerpt follows...
Governor Rick Perry has a double-digit lead in a new poll that shows strong support for sharper restrictions on lawsuits against medical professionals and businesses in connection with workplace injuries and asbestos exposure.

Sponsored by the Texas Civil Justice League, the Texas Farm Bureau and the Texas Medical Association, the statewide survey found Perry leading Democratic gubernatorial contender Bill White 48 percent to 37 percent in the final stretch before the November 2 general election.

The poll of 1,200 voters was conducted late last week with funding from the national tort reform group known as the American Justice Partnership. While the survey results were consistent with other recent polls that have shown Perry ahead in a race that's still competitive, it suggested that Republican blowouts are shaping up in the battles for lieutenant governor and attorney general.

The survey found Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst with 55 percent support compared to 20 percent for Democratic challenger Linda Chavez-Thompson while Attorney General Greg Abbott enjoyed a 25-point advantage as well over Democrat Barbara Radnosfky in his re-election bid. Abbott led Radnofsky 58 percent to 23 percent in the poll for the three major statewide organizations.

While 11 percent of the voters in the sample were still undecided in the battle for governor, the poll found 21 percent and 16 percent had yet to determine who'd get their votes in the races for lieutenant governor and attorney general respectively.
I have been saying a ten point win for a long time. I almost want to revise that up ward...  there is just very little that Bill White can do, and his flailing previously debunked attacks just look desperately desperate... it's time to start ignoring him...

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  1. RickvsKay, I'm sticking with my 13 point victory for Perry: 56-43 unless the GOP enthusiasm is big, he could win by 24 points or more.


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