Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flores up 12 on Chet...

This is the year Republicans finally take out Chet Edwards (link). Excerpt follows...

A new independent poll shows Republican Bill Flores up 12 points over U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Waco. The Hill, a newspaper that covers the Capitol, surveyed likely voters in the Central Texas district by phone between Oct. 19 and 21.
The crosstabs reveal (download them to the right) both candidates' support breaks down strictly along party lines. Edwards attracts 9 percent of Republican voters, while Flores attracts only 3 percent of Democrats. Another detail: The incumbent is more popular among women and the young, but Flores takes the lead among the 35-to-54 and 55-plus age groups.
Fifty-six percent of voters surveyed have a favorable view of Flores, well above his unfavorability rating of 31 percent. The numbers aren't as good for Edwards: 45 percent of voters have a favorable view of the incumbent, compared to the 49 percent who view him unfavorably. Sixty-six percent of the voters polled disapprove of the job President Barack Obama is doing; 78 percent disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

Chet Edwards will lose... that much is clear... the question then becomes does Chet try to make a come back in 2012, does he become a high priced lobbyist, or does he join the Obama administration as some kind of low to mid level cabinet or administrative type of position...

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  1. I think Edwards will get a cabinet gig at Veterans Affairs assuming the guy who currently holds it retires before then.

    Once Perry eats White alive in 5 days, Obama could give White a job in the President's administration.


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