Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bill White throwing bombs at Rick...

The typically mild mannered Bill White is lashing out at Rick in his stump speeches (link). Excerpt follows...

Taking square aim at Gov. Rick Perry, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White and his San Antonio backers Sunday verbally smacked what they termed the political divisiveness and failed education policies of the Republican incumbent.

“People are much more interested in the state succeeding, for their kids' futures' sake, than they are in seceding from the union,” White said, referring to widely criticized comments last year by Perry, who appeared to suggest secession as an alternative to dealing with Washington.

As far as Bill White is concerned the Rick vs. Kay race is effectively decided... and Rick is the victor... I am not ready to declare it over because you never know what could happen in this final debate in two weeks...

I am ready to say that the winner of the March 2 primary will win in November.

This Scott Brown stuff up in Massachusetts... even if he ends up losing to Coakley... proves just how bad things are right now for Democrats... this is not a year for a successful Republican governor in a deep red state... especially one who has traditional liberal beliefs on hot button issues like gay rights (link). Excerpt follows...
White to be keynote speaker at Stonewall Democrats meeting

By Tammye Nash | Senior Editor
Jan 14, 2010 - 6:38:16 PM

Former Houston mayor is seeking LGBT group’s endorsement in 2010 bid for governor’s office

Bill White, the former mayor of Houston who is considered the Democratic frontrunner in the Texas gubernatorial race this year, will be the keynote speaker at the Tuesday, Jan. 19 general membership meeting of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.

Stonewall members begin the endorsement screening meeting Thursday, Jan. 14, and are set to wind up the screenings Saturday night, Jan. 16. The endorsements committee will then present its recommendations to the general membership and the membership will vote on ratifying the slate of endorsements at the Tuesday night meeting.

Stonewall President Erin Moore said this week that “more candidates than ever before” are seeking the group’s endorsement this year.

Bill White seems like a pretty normal guy and pretty competent... but he is also courting all the traditional liberal groups which will hurt him in the general election. His record is not all that spectacular and in some ways is down right liberal... remember the video the RPT put out...

It is hard to imagine how someone who believes in everything Obama believes in becoming the governor of Texas in 2010... maybe in 2006 or 2008... but not in 2010...

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