Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kip Averitt out... thank goodness...

I have to diverge a little from the normal programming here to say that I am very pleased Kip Averitt is not going to be in the Texas Senate any more (link). Excerpt...
Averitt shocked fellow Republicans — including his friends and staffers — by telling the Waco Tribune-Herald that he was withdrawing his bid for reelection. Since the deadline for candidates to file has passed, that could leave Yancy as the only major party candidate in the race, and as such, as the probable winner in November's election.

No Democrats filed to run, and although there are two Libertarians vying for that SD-22 seat, no Libertarian has ever won a seat in the Texas Legislature.

If Averitt won the primary — as incumbents generally do — and then quit, Republican Party officials would choose a candidate to replace him. Quitting now not only gives Yancy the win, it denies GOP officials a chance to pick the candidate of their liking, whether that's Yancy or someone else. And if you're playing geographic politics here and not partisan politics, it moves what has been a Waco seat for years and year to a Fort Worth suburb.

Yancy, who lives in Burleson, has an insurance agency and spent his professional life in sales and marketing. He grew up in Lubbock and in Euless, went to the University of Texas at Arlington, and he and his wife have four kids. He has described himself at local forums as "a family man, a Christian conservative, a fiscal conservative"… and says "the reason I got into this race, his name is Barack Hussein Obama."
We will see what ends up happening but Kip Averitt is terrible and it is good to see him go... hopefully he does not change his mind...

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  1. Why is Averitt "terrible?" Is this an ideological evaluation, because he is a moderate and not a one of the hard-right conservatives? He seems to me to be a pretty solid member of the Senate who has done good work on water issues.


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