Thursday, January 21, 2010

Texas State Rifle Association endorses Rick over Kay...

This may be the biggest endorsement yet... and the Texas State Rifle Association is backing Rick over Kay...

January 15, 2010 TSRA-PAC Endorses Texas Governor Rick Perry in the 2010 Texas Republican Primary

Dear Alice,

Texas Gov. Rick PerryAustin, TX. The Texas State Rifle Association Political Action Committee proudly announces its endorsement of Texas Governor Rick Perry for re-election in the Texas Republican primary election on March 2, 2010. Governor Perry has a proven track record of standing in support of the rights of all law-abiding Texas gun owners, not only by signing pro-gun bills, but also by speaking out on behalf of gun owners on numerous occasions.

Among the bills Governor Perry signed are the following:

  • The "Castle Doctrine Bill" strengthening the rights of Texans to defend themselves;
  • The "Motorist Protection Act" allowing law-abiding citizens to carry defensive handguns in their cars without having to meet vague and inconsistent definitions of a "traveler;"
  • "Emergency powers" bill to prevent a New Orleans style confiscation of guns and ammunition from Texans in times of disaster;
  • A bill to reduce the fees by 50% for obtaining a Texas Concealed Handgun License paid by seniors and our military veterans;
  • A bill to extend the term of Texas Concealed Handgun Licenses from four years to five, effectively lowering the total cost by 25%.

Governor Perry's dedication not only to protecting but expanding the rights of Texas gun owners has earned him an A+ rating from both the TSRA-PAC and the NRA-PVF. TSRA-PAC strongly urges all Texans to go to the polls on March 2, 2010 and vote for Rick Perry in the Republican Primary.


Alice Tripp
Texas State Rifle Association

Legislative Director

This can't please Kay even though they did not bash her record... she has even put her NRA rating in her advertising... now the NRA's state level organization is picking sides and picking Rick...

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  1. Good timing. I'll be joining Gov. Perry tomorrow afternoon for a day at the gun range with the Governor.

    I'll even let him fire off a few rounds on my Springfield XD .45 ACP comact -- and I almost NEVER let another man shoot my pistol.

    One of the reaons I support Gov. Perry is because of his support of and belief in the second amendment.


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