Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ken Herman is one funny guy...

The Austin American Statesman's Ken Herman is such a funny guy... he is one of the only people making their entire enterprise readable. He covered the debate last night and ran into some zombies (link). Excerpt follows...

— Well, now you've heard it straight from the GOP gubernatorial candidates. The decision is in: Texas, our Texas, is the greatest state in the land.

And if you tuned into Thursday night's GOP gubernatorial debate, you'd have reason to believe that Gov. Rick Perry and challenger Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison each are individually responsible for our wonderfulness.

Both were certain in praising Texas' near-perfection. Neither, somehow, had much to say about any current problems, much less offering a solution to any current problems.

The short version: no runs, no hits, no errors and nary a word about solutions.

I think the format of the debate was to blame for some of the awkward exchanges and awkward moments... and the unfulfilling feeling everyone I have talked to had when they finished watching it...

When zombies outside are the biggest news coming out of a debate... you know the debate itself did not have a clear winner or loser...


  1. The true story was that Rick Perry destroyed Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina was a non-entity.

  2. I agree with RINO BUSTIN'! Rick Perry dominated and did awesome like always!

  3. Whatever helps you sleep at night.


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