Friday, January 29, 2010

Is Medina on "our team" or not?

A fairly well known very very conservative Republican activist in the Austin area named Michelle Samuelson has a blog calling out Debra Medina for saying that she would not support the winner of the Republican primary in the general election (link). Excerpt follows...
I guess this really shouldn't surprise anyone. In an interview, Debra Medina told Robert Pratt of Pratt on Texas that if she doesn't win the Republican primary for governor, she will support a third party candidate in November.
This is the problem with most "wing" a certain wing of the Republican Party. Instead of rallying behind the "80%" candidates, they throw stones and end up helping the Democratic Party. Liberals. Who agree with them maybe 20% of the time.
This is actually a pretty big deal... for Medina to say she is going to support some third party candidate in November is basically tantamount to saying she is not a Republican... her sore loser lawsuit against the party that she lost fits into that profile as well...

Is Medina a real Republican, or someone who disagrees fundamentally with important portions of the Republican platform? I can think of several of areas where Medina is not really a conservative.

Michelle followed up her blog with another (link)...
I have a question for the people so disgusted with McCain that they did one of these things in November 2008. How isthat working out for you? Yeah, I do look at it as "Republicans" versus "Democrats." Again, two-party system, major parties in the country.

Getting back to Texas and the gubernatorial race. Mrs. Medina polls at about 12% according to the latest from Rasmussen. Which is about right for a relatively unknown candidate who flirts with the fringe vote and isn't competitive in fundraising. I want to say, in case this isn't clear - I do not think badly of Debra Medina. I think she is a refreshing voice, I think she brings important things into the debate. Does that translate into thinking she can win, now or in November? No. Like a third party candidate in a general election, she will simply draw enough votes to push the other candidates into a run-off.
I am not yet a believer in the run off scenario but I think Medina has to be licking her chops thinking about moving past Kay and going toe to toe with Rick... and Kay has to be feeling the heat from Medina nipping on her heels... she is probably throwing things at the staffers who told her that being really inviting and open to Medina would be a good idea... it turns out Medina is taking just as many votes if not more votes away from Kay than Rick...


  1. You are a hack! She sued the party BEFORE the convention because RPT Chair and now Perry Sr Advisor, Tina Benkiser would not follow THE LAW.

  2. riiiiight...if RPT didn't follow the law, why did Medina lose the suit?

    Medina's frivolous lawsuit cost the GOP house seats (and almost the majority) while they were busy spending 10's of 1,000's of dollars in court...

    Medina's just like the Dems (Radnofsky, Gilbert, Sharp, etc.)...addicted to running for office and addicted to losing elections

  3. She didn't lose the suit. The merits of the case were heard by a visiting judge and she won that. The presiding judge returned from her Icelandic vacation early, a bit suspect, to vacate that ruling determining that the court didn't have jurisdiction.

    No body had to go to court. Medina had been in contact with the executive director weeks prior to it going to the court trying to get leadership to follow the law. RPT stopped returning phone calls.

  4. Frivolous? Your right to assembly is frivolous?

  5. no. suing because you don't like the rules, taking up the court's time (and taxpayer dollars) is frivolous

  6. God knows the US Justice system always gets it right. Ask OJ Simpson...


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