Sunday, January 24, 2010

Debra Medina's maiden name... quiz time...

Here is some trivia...

What was Debra Medina's maiden name?

Debra Parker. More facts from Dave McNeely (link). Excerpt follows...

At least that’s the conventional political wisdom about why candidates with Hispanic surnames have tougher sledding in Republican primaries, not to mention the party’s stance on immigration. But Medina doesn’t fit the traditional Hispanic surname model.

First, she’s not Hispanic — just her surname is. She was born Debra Parker 47 years ago in the South Texas town of Orangedale. Medina is the name the rancher and businesswoman adopted when she married rancher Noe Medina more than a quarter-century ago.

Will Medina lose votes because her name sounds Hispanic? That would be very wrong and kind of a sad statement about the Republican Party...

I am not voting for Medina, but it has nothing to do with her Hispanic sounding last name and whether that gives me clues on whether she is strong enough on immigration...


  1. Interestingly enough, U.S. Border Watch endorsed Medina. How's that for being strong enough on immigration?

  2. Your racism is why you will ultimately go down as a nation. You are no more worthy than any one else.

    Hell will be your reaping.

    He that hateth his brother is a murderer...
    You are all murderers.

  3. I am for Medina, she's just what we independant Texans need for a govenor.


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