Monday, January 25, 2010

Some fun back and forth between the campaigns...

It turns out that Rick is saying no to ed board meeting requests. I guess Rick and his peeps figure... who cares if they write bad things... they already write bad things constantly.... and if they write good things it won't help him...

Some people might think this is petty and juvenile, but Peggy Fikac blogged an exchange between Rick's spokesman and Kay's spokesman (link)...

Baker told me she thinks it's clear Perry doesn't want to face questions about his
record and then gave me the same line: "There are hundreds of newspapers in Texas, and we're reviewing each request as it comes to us."

Miner said of the senator, "She's probably noncommittal about how to get out of the house in the morning."

Baker, responding, avoided returning snark for snark: "She has a very busy schedule" traveling the state, meeting with grassroots supporters and returning to Washington and "fighting the government takeover of health care." She said therefore the campaign makes decisions about meetings on a case-by-case basis.

As a Rick supporter I hope that Kay tries for all of those newspaper endorsements... it will only hurt her chances.

As for Rick... why cower before someone who disrespects you continually, lies about your record, slanders you, and calls you a "tea bagger" while repeatedly slanting unsigned editorials against you in biased liberal ways? From his perspective Rick has a legitimate beef with the media... I not only don't blame him for rejecting these ed board meetings... I applaud him for that call... which took guts.

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