Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rick's tweets are "very upbeat" while @TeamKay's are "somewhat depressed"

The Texas Tribune's Reeve Hamilton found some sort of twitter analyzer and tested Rick's and Kay's twitter profiles on it (link). Results follow...

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign account — (@teamkay)

Personal Style: Somewhat depressed.

Social Style: Mostly “arrogant/distant.”

Thinking Style: Low marks across the board.

Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign account — (@govperry2010)

Personal Style: Nothing stands out.

Social Style: Pretty plugged in and highly arrogant.

Thinking Style: Consistently low marks.

Gov. Rick Perry’s personal account — (@governorperry)

Personal Style: Very upbeat.

Social Style: Notably personable and notably arrogant.

Thinking Style: Generally analytic.

I think there are probably problems with the methodology but it is probably also true that Rick's personal tweets would come across as very upbeat and the two campaign accounts would come across far more cold... like press releases...

It may be said that it is a revealing moment for Kay's campaign to be so depressed in their tweets... they are being taken to the wood shed on the internet by not only Rick but Debra Medina as well...


  1. I am voting for Debra Medina, but if it looks at all close I will switch and vote for Rick Perry. I like Perry and Medina about the same, but KBH would be a total disaster for Texas.

  2. I am on the same track but I see it in reverse. I am voting for Rick Perry unless he is up by about 30 points in the polls, in which case I may consider Medina just to throw some love to the proverbial little guy. Otherwise, it is too close for my comfort, and we simply cannot have Kay Bailout Hutchison as our governor.


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