Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kay's former spokesman... an update...

Matt Mackowiak was once the bane of Rick's existence... and one of Kay's only cheerleaders out there... he seems to have gone mostly silent on the Rick vs. Kay race maybe knowing that his horse is ill and won't run well... or maybe just because someone gave him some advice on how being so outspoken against the likely eventual winner may have been hurting his chances to gain employment in Texas...

Well Mackowiak is back in Texas... managing a campaign for a Republican locked in a multiple candidate primary battle for the privilege of taking on and hopefully defeating Chet Edwards (link). Excerpt follows...

Bill Flores, one of five Republicans who wants a crack at U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards in November, has hired Matt Mackowiak to run his campaign. Flores lives in Bryan. The district stretches from there to Waco, and Mackowiak will work from the Waco end, where he's relocated until the primary (and possibly a runoff) is over.

Mackowiak will be Flores' full-time campaign manager; he suspended his consulting business for the job. He's best known as a persistent Republican quote-machine and former spokesman for U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Rick's twitter peep supporters are already bashing Flores... but hopefully the candidate who wins even if it is Bill Flores will have the full support of the RPT establishment and Rick Perry land going up against Chet... this is a great year to take him out so it seems. Chet Edwards is a Pelosi Democrat who has voted for a lot of the really terrible stuff that people are so angry about, and hopefully the Republican candidate no matter who it is can exploit that fact.

Mackowiak this week tweeted out... "Left KBH office in April. Never was on her campaign."

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