Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Medina won't commit to supporting the winner of the primary...

State Senator Dan Patrick is a big Rick supporter... but he also has a Facebook page and talked about an interview he heard on Lubbock radio of Debra Medina...

Medina would not commit to supporting the nominee when all is said and done (link). Excerpt follows...

• Debra Medina continues to draw attention in the Republican primary. After she did a Lubbock radio interview, state Sen. Dan Patrick, a Houston Republican and ardent supporter of Gov. Rick Perry’s, posted a series of Tweets about Medina in rapid succession at about 3 a.m. today:

“Medina told a radio station in Lubbock today that she cannot promise to support Rick or Kay if they win in Nov-saying there might be others.”

“She made my point today that she is not a true Republican. Who is she going to support the Dem or an Independent ?”

“I have questioned why she is running in the R primary when she should be running as an Independent or Libertarian.”

“She asks Republican voters to vote for & trust her, but she will not support the voters will if she doesn’t win-that will only help White.”

“Posted part of the interview on my facebook If she supports a 3rd party in Nov, that cannot win, she could help White win in a close race.”

This could be a big story... recall during the Obama versus Hillary race how big of a deal it was that both candidates pledged to support the eventual winner... that really helped Obama after the primaries were over...

I could see Medina doing the opposite... losing big and going kamikaze in the general election... she has already shown a propensity for sore loser style suing the RPT when she did not win the state party chairmanship...


  1. That's rather ignorant, saying she sued the RPT because she didn't win the chairmanship. Perhaps you should look at what the suit was about before making things up like that.

  2. You have lost any and all credibility you might have had. The lawsuit was to enforce the election code and occurred before the chair race.

  3. what a batsh!+ crazy libertarian. why doesn't she show a little honesty an run in her own party's primary?

    won't commit to endorsing the GOP victor? then i won't endorse that she's in the GOP


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