Saturday, January 30, 2010

Should I change the name of this blog to Rick vs. Debra?

Is Kay even still relevant? Will she slip behind Medina in the polls after her lackluster performance in the second debate?

The Dallas Blog makes some good points (link). Excerpt follows...

When the GOP gubernatorial debate was finished last night at Belo’s WFAA-TV in Dallas, the 40 or 50 journalists who’d been watching the show backstage from a “media viewing area” were invited to file into the Channel 8 lobby, where featured performers Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina had been asked to attend a post-debate press conference.

Pretty soon, though, word filtered into the lobby that Perry wouldn’t be showing up. Then came news that Hutchison wouldn’t, either. Only Medina (pictured) stepped to the podium, claiming a “strong” debate performance and ripping her opponents for their absence at the after-party.

Medina was right about performing strongly in the statewide debate–she outdid Hutchison, for sure–but I’d say the night’s real winner was Perry. In contrast to the public-TV debate held earlier this month, when he came off oily and shallow, last night’s Perry was sharp, composed and commanding, downright statesmanlike. The turnaround was enough to etch his frontrunner status in the race in stone, I’d bet, and by the time the evening was over the increasingly formidable Medina–surprisingly and against all odds– seemed a threat to overtake Kay.

I would agree but as I have said I think Medina has fringed herself with her appearances on Alex Jones' program, her secession rally speeches, her foul language, and some of her personal rather than policy attacks on Rick. If not for those things Medina might be a credible Anyone But Rick alternative to Kay. As it is I am not sure... and I think I will keep the name Rick vs. Kay...


  1. You might as well get ahead of the game and re-name it Rick Vs. Bill.

  2. Absolutely you should change it to Rick vs Debra! Did you see how Kay was looking admirably towards Debra in the debate? I think even Kay will be voting for Medina!

  3. You know that frontrunners with name i.d. as huge as Hutchison and Perry skip conferences like the one Medina eagerly showed up for: she needs all the free air time she can get.

    If you want your blog to be irrelevant to this race, change the name. Changing the name because you think KBH's performance was "lackluster" will bring you the fringe bloggers, though, if that's who you want reading your blog.

  4. Call it whatever you like, there will be a run off . . . but it will be between Rick and Debra. Which will only boost the surge for her even more. Rick and Kay are both incumbant career politicians and that is what Americans are going against right now. We need an honest Governor and with Rick Perry's involvement with Merck pharma and there vaccines mandate for girls I think he overstepped the line for me. I'm voting for Debra . . .

  5. As a native Texan, I will be voting for the candidate that speaks for me, and the Tx citizens haven't had a voice in Texas in many years. Ms. Debra Medina makes me proud of my state and she is a true Texan at heart.

  6. Governor Medina is good.
    the name governormedina is available to register!

  7. For 200 years, the Constitution served us well. Then at the turn of the 20th century we succumed to income taxes and the Federal Reserve. The debaseent of our currency and the accumulaton of national debt commenced. Once softened, we readily accepted the Great Welfare Society, which added unfunded mandates to the mix. After WWII, we were introduced to the power of the military-industrial complex. To welfare, we added warfare. The Republic became an Empire. Unconstitutional wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Bosnea, Irag and Afghanistan met with little resistance. Now that we are comotose, the bailout of bakers, insurance companies and automakers seemed almost humanitarian. Are we surpised to find so-called conservatives defending the status quo? They vilify those who campaign for our personal liberties, bequethed to us by our Fonding Fathers. It is all the result of a century of benign neclect.

  8. MEDINA is the ONLY candidate who will expose Bush/Obama's chemtrail plan to poison the American people from the sky. I saw it on PERRY AND HUTCHISON ARE GLOBALIST SHILLS!

  9. Pretty sure if you posted the ip address for "chem trail alert" it would return Rick Perry for Texas.


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