Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kay's campaign refuses to answer basic transportation questions...

Dallas Morning News transportation blogger Rodger Jones has been doing yeoman's work trying to get answers from Rick and Kay about their transportation plans. Rick has been answering the questions. Kay has not. She has finally given a semblance of an answer about the LBJ Freeway in Dallas, and she still avoided answering the question (link). Excerpt follows...

Kay Bailey Hutchison's spokesman Joe Pounder delivered with a response today to my questions of last week on the giant LBJ Freeway project in Dallas. I've been interested because it involves foreign money, tolls and Rick Perry's transportation policies -- and Hutchison has been critical of all three.

Here it is, a statement that took days to get from the Hutchison campaign:

"Kay Bailey Hutchison has outlined her vision and plan for what she will do for transportation as the next Governor of Texas. It is a plan that looks forward, lays out the principles that will guide her transportation policy, ensures local input at the grassroots level and doesn't re-write history.

She does not support Rick Perry's transportation policy of 'toll roads or no roads'. She believes the state should restrict toll road construction. She would never have supported and will kill any future proposals like the Trans-Texas Corridor that would have confiscated nearly 600,000 acres of land to be given over to a foreign company to operate for 50 years, on terms that she views as unfavorable to Texas motorists.

The only thing that will change this ongoing TTC mind-set is a new governor." - Joe Pounder, Hutchison spokesman

It's hard to know where to begin for a followup question. I hope someone asks about this Thursday night in the KERA debate. I'd advise a yes-or-no question: Is the LBJ deal good for North Texas? And, if not, what's the alternative?

It looks like Kay was caught in a certain hypocritical trap... she is anti toll road but is for her own versions of toll roads... she is using demagoguery to attack "foreign" investment in our infrastructure... and she is blanketly anti Rick and anti the "arrogant" TXDot... but she probably supports the LBJ Freeway. She supports her own versions of tollways. She supports her own massive takings of land for her rail proposal and other proposals.

Then she refuses to answer simple questions. Talk about arrogant.

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