Friday, January 15, 2010

Kay getting ripped for her abortion statements...

In the debate last night Kay really struggled with her answer on abortion... is she truly pro life or pro choice? That video that was being passed around yesterday by Texas Right to Life and other groups already has thousands of views... relatively viral in relation to the viewership of the videos the campaigns put out...

Texas Life News offers a good run down of Kay's abortion views (link). Excerpt follows...

This isn't the first time Texas Right to Life has criticized Hutchison. The pro-life group, in December, chided her for missing an important pro-life vote.

Texas Right to Life referred to the cloture vote on President Barack Obama's nomination of pro-abortion federal judge David Hamilton to serve on a federal appeals court. Hutchison was the only senator to miss the vote.

"Texas passed the Woman’s Right to Know law in 2003, and our law has never been challenged in the courts. If it were, would you be comforted to know that Senator Hutchison let someone like Judge Hamilton slide onto the bench?" the pro-life group asked in its email.

"In contrast, Governor Perry has appointed more men and women to Texas benches than any other governor in Texas history. All his judicial appointees adhere to the Founders’ philosophy that the Constitution is the rule of law and not subject to one’s own ideology," the group said. "Would Senator Hutchison appoint someone like Judge Hamilton? Why take the chance on human life?"

Texas Life News and these pro life groups obviously have a big big reach... and maybe this explains why Rick barely talks about these things in his standard stump speech... he is letting his allies do the heavy lifting for him... putting out videos like this...

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  1. As I watched the debate I was very happy to see a debate that asked real questions that matter to the people. After hearing the answers of the candidates I feel that Debra Medina clearly won. Her answer were forth right while it seemed that Kay and Rick were doing the political 2 step boogie. Debra seems to be more of a constitutionalist where Kay and Rick are more of the Establishment, Big Gov candidates.
    Brad Lewis Beaumont Tx.


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