Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama tries to smack down Rick... Rick's numbers go up...

Obama took a shot at Rick today for turning down those federal education dollars but Rick says he is not at all worried (link). Excerpt follows...

Under the headline, "Obama messes with Texas gov," Politico.com reports that
President Obama "gently rebuked" Gov. Rick Perry for deciding that Texas wouldn't take part in the Race to the Top education reform program.

Here's the rebuke:

Announcing a new $1.35 billion investment to expand the program to allow local school districts to compete for grants, Obama said: "Innovative districts like the one in Texas whose reform efforts are being stymied by state decision-makers will soon have the chance to earn funding to help them pursue those reforms."

As you might expect, this appears to be music to the ears of the red-meat Republican governor, whose primary campaign against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison plays big on the fact she works in Washington (where she says she's fighting hard against Obama's proposals on issues including health care).

"Not at all," Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner said when asked whether the governor is concerned about the rebuke. "If we're disagreeing with the president on these types of policies, we're doing the right thing. Whether it's education or cap and trade or health care reform, the governor will continue opposing the president on these issues. ... The governor will continue opposing misguided policies coming from Washington."

He is not at all worried because being bashed by Obama right now only helps him in the Republican primary in Texas... and maybe even beyond if Paul Burka is right and that is what he is planning...

Rick should be picking as many fights with Obama as possible...

Obama is trying to bypass Rick and let school districts apply directly for the federal money (link). Rick sez that the Texas curriculum is not for sale at any price... QuorumReport.com has this video up with the text that follows...

Texas curriculum standards are not for sale at any price to the federal government, Gov. Rick Perry told reporters during a stop to promote the expansion of online coursework at Fort Sam Houston this afternoon.

Today was the closing date on the first round of grants out of the $4.35 billion federal Race to the Top fund. Pres. Barack Obama took at jab at Texas, noting that his request for $1.35 billion in new Race to the Top funding for districts would allow for innovative school districts that were being “stymied by state decision-makers” would soon have the chance to apply for their own reform dollars.

Declining to pursue Race to the Top dollars was a bad idea last week, and it was still a bad idea this week, Perry said. Commissioner Robert Scott said DC-based standards writing – which occurred in a room somewhere without significant input or feedback -- would cut the average Texan out of the loop.

Houston Independent School District Superintendent Terry Grier said he didn’t intend to throw jabs at the governor for passing up the Race to the Top application.

This issue probably really chaps Kay because she would have most likely taken the money and kept quiet about it... but if she bashes Rick for it she opens herself up just like she did when she criticized Rick on rejecting unemployment insurance stimulus money...

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