Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Liberal media guy Rick Casey attacks Rick, Rick's numbers rise more...

Some of Kay's peeps are passing around this editorial column from the liberal writer Rick Casey bashing Rick for calling for a 2/3 requirement to raise taxes (link). Excerpt follows...

Gov. Rick Perry must be worried that the citizens of Texas are going to lose their minds and turn state government over to the Democrats.

This week on the campaign stump, he proposed two state constitutional amendments based on the notion that we can't afford democracy.

One is that any state tax increase would require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature.

Functionally this is already the case in the Senate, where everything but voter ID bills needs a two-thirds majority, but apparently Perry is concerned because Texas two years ago elected an uncomfortable number of Democrats and tossed autocratic Speaker Tom Craddick in favor of a speaker who will actually work with said Democrats.

Rick is pushing for a Texas style TABOR, which freaks out liberals who want to see spending grow and grow... it seems like a strange move from Kay's peeps to send this around. Being hated by liberal columnists for being conservative is a good thing not a bad thing...

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