Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rick's road to the White House?

Texas Monthly has another nicely done web video based on that Paul Burka front page article about Rick running for president (link)....

The article itself is pretty good and paints Rick in a great light for the most part... although I have heard Rick's peeps believe it is a "distraction" and "not helpful" to the 2010 effort...

The Race for 2012 blog has more thoughts on the subject (link). Excerpt follows...
Rick Perry – The long serving Texas Governor has bounced back from poor early polls to take a solid lead in the GOP primary against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. A successful primary followed by likely reelection will help raise Gov. Perry’s profile further in the national party. He is already winning populist support for his anti-Washington screed, and won the endorsement of Gov. Palin. But it’s his state’s strong economy that just might push the Texas Governor into contention. As blue states like California and New Jersey head into spiraling fiscal crisis, Texas stands as a strong example of successful conservative economics in the face of a President pushing tax-and-spend liberalism. This factor, combined with a long, experienced career can put Perry in a very strong position. The uniting of the Tea Party base and his large, deep-pocketed Texas donors would give him a strong chance in the early states.
When I talk to people from other states their eyes pop at the idea of Rick raising far more than 10 million dollars in 2009... which is modest in terms of buying Texas media but could go a long way in South Carolina, Iowa, or New Hampshire.

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