Monday, January 25, 2010

Should Wayne Slater be using the sexually crude term "teabagger"

I was reading some the blogs on the Dallas Morning News Trailblazers blog, and I have noticed that Wayne Slater... who is going to be moderating the upcoming debate between Rick and Kay... is getting an increasing amount of heat in the comments section for his use of the term "tea bag" to describe conservative Republicans...

Someone who calls themselves "Tea Party Patriot" noted this on one of Wayne's blogs (link). Excerpt follows...

In two separate blog posts, Dallas Morning News writer Wayne Slater has referred to the conservative Tea Party as the "Tea Bag movement" and "Tea Bag wing":

Calling them "tea baggers" was most famously done by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper who later apologized for it. The phrase is vulgar slang for a sexual practice that's said to be common among homosexual men but is one that the Tea Party movement has never used for itself. It continues to be popular, though, with liberals who clearly relish applying the offensive label whenever they can get away with it.

Slater's use of this vulgar term for Tea Party participants is juvenile, unprofessional, and inappropriate in a newspaper like the Dallas Morning News. Is Slater going to be allowed to continue to use the offensive label at a time when the newspaper is already losing subscribers in large numbers? The News apparently does not allow the term to be used by people commenting on its web site stories and has removed posts that contained it. Ironically, though, it appears that the newspaper may allow one of its own writers to repeatedly apply a label that its readers are prohibited from using.

Many Dallas Morning News readers are Tea Party participants and the Dallas Morning News owes them an apology along with a higher degree of objectivity and professionalism from all its writers.

What is so bad about "tea bag" you ask? I will let you look it up yourself but it is a sexual term describing something you can probably figure out if you get creative...

This is simply a term that is unprofessional... and reveals an open disdain for conservatives and demonstrates a bias that only Wayne Slater's friends at MSNBC are intentionally unconcerned about... even CNN reporters have apologized for using the term and no longer use it...

For Olbermann and Maddow being as out of the mainstream as possible is part of their viewership plan. Somehow I doubt that antagonizing conservatives is a winning strategy for the Dallas Morning News... especially in this era of angry right wing boycotts.

I have also heard rumblings from a friend connected to the business side of the Dallas Morning News that things are going really really bad for that newspaper... they are losing a lot of money. You have to think that Wayne as one of the highest paid employees of the Dallas Morning News is walking a fine line unless he has blackmail photos or tenure. His "tea bag" antics help him get on tv, and being on tv helps him sell his books, but promoting a term used by only the least respected and caustic liberals seems like a really bad idea in terms of job security... unless it is a signal that the Dallas Morning News has decided to become the MSNBC of the newspaper world... in which case he is doing a great job.

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  1. lots of reporters do, and people realize that...adds to the array of reasons their publications are on life support


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