Monday, January 11, 2010

Kay tells "dozens" of supporters she is peaking at the right time and will now campaign full time...

Jeff Carlton tells us that Kay believes she is peaking just at the right time (link). Excerpt follows...

DALLAS — Three days before her debate with Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says her campaign has momentum and that she is "peaking at the right time."

Hutchison told dozens of supporters at her Dallas campaign headquarters Monday that she will spend "every waking moment" campaigning for governor in the March 2 Republican primary.

Hutchison said she probably will miss some votes in Washington as she turns her focus to the campaign.

The senator jabbed at Perry, promising to issue a border security plan Tuesday and characterizing his efforts on the issue as costly posturing.

A Perry campaign spokesman did not immediately respond to messages.

The governor's debate, which includes GOP activist Debra Medina, is Thursday in Denton.

How is Kay peaking? She peaked more than a year ago when her numbers were through the roof... Kay is down by double digits in the polls... she has no momentum... she now claims that she is going to miss some votes... something she has already been doing all along and something that is part of her fall in the polls over the course of 2009.

Hat tip to GOP 12 for finding the article (link)...

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  1. So right when health care is "hanging by a thread" according to Chris Dodd, KBH is ready to bail. What happened to fighting with every fiber of her being, every bone in her body? She is not fighting, she is retreating right when we still have a chance to kill socialized healthcare.


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