Monday, January 11, 2010

Kay's spokeswoman attacks Rick for his church speech...

Sometimes in communications there is a time to just not weigh in... or if you are going to weigh in don't say something tacky... Jennifer Baker is not doing her boss any favors with her comments in this article about Rick's attendance at a big mega church in the Dallas area yesterday (link). Excerpt follows...

FRISCO – Gov. Rick Perry took part in a rollicking service at an evangelical church Sunday, helping celebrate the congregation's 10th anniversary and seizing the opportunity to get his views out to some 1,000 congregants and a worldwide Web audience.

"I don't have a problem standing up and telling people, 'I'm a Texan and I'm proud of it,' " Perry said, to cheers and applause.In the theater-like setting of the massive Elevate Life Church, Perry took the stage and launched into criticism of the federal government, while expressing his love for his state and his job.

He also told the congregation, "Being the governor of Texas is the greatest job in the world," though "we got challenges."

A nine-year incumbent, Perry faces a challenge from U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in an intense primary race that will play out over the next two months. The primary election is March 2.

Hutchison's campaign spokeswoman, Jennifer Baker, said that Hutchison believes it's important to have people of faith in political office, and that churches should open their doors to public officials to discuss their faith.

At the same time, Baker said, "it is shocking but not surprising that Governor Perry would take the opportunity to give a political speech. Leave it to Rick Perry to turn a day about the Lord into a day about Rick Perry."

Perry was in friendly territory. Frisco and surrounding Collin County are among the most Republican areas of Texas. The church appearance Sunday was not intended to be political in nature or favor any political party, according to pastor Keith Craft.

Just why would Kay's spokeswoman make that attack? Makes no sense... just makes Kay look petty and small...


  1. Does Rick give political speeches in churches when it's not campaign season?

  2. what's political about saying "Texas faces problems"

  3. Jennifer Baker sounds like a ROYAL RHYMES-WITH-PITCH! Kay Bailey's campaign needs more message discipline.

  4. I was there on Sunday, and it was a beautiful rip-roaring service. Lots of laughs. Great fellowship. It was an honor to have Governor Rick Perry in attendance in our congregation. I don't care if it is an election year, he seemed like a down to earth guy.

  5. Unbelievable! KBH will resort to anything, won't she? First they get banned by google and yahoo for planting damaging anti-Perry slurs on their website. Now this. What a sleazy campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Baker is...

  6. what trash... typical of KBH's rude staff!


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