Thursday, March 26, 2009

Club for Growth signals support for Rick on unemployment insurance...

The Club for Growth has issued a statement standing up for Rick and criticising Kay for her criticism of Rick (link). Confused? Just read the statement:

Gov. Perry Deserves Credit Not Criticism

Washington – Texas Governor Rick Perry deserves credit for rejecting part of the stimulus package, not the criticism we heard from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson today.

For a long time, Senator Hutchinson has been more than happy to put taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in government spending. She has a long record of supporting wasteful earmark projects and voted for the $700 billion TARP Program. Texas taxpayers are lucky they have an advocate in Gov. Perry who is willing to make the tough decisions to protect their hard-earned money.

“Gov. Perry has rightly pointed out that the federal stimulus money comes with expensive strings attached that Texas taxpayers will have to assume responsibility for in the long run,” said Club for Growth Executive Director David Keating. “With President Obama and the Democrats in Washington foisting an ever larger pile of debt on taxpayers’ shoulders, it is comforting to know that Gov. Perry refuses to shackle Texas taxpayers with even more state debt.”

Hutchinson? A much more common mistake than you might imagine, now that I have subscribed to google news alerts...

Club for Growth is a very fiscally conservative group that Rick has been rumored to have been courting. I don't know of a lot of examples of them endorsing in gubernatorial primaries, but maybe they are headed that way? Club for Growth itself may not endorse, but if they send enough signals, maybe their donors will get the idea and start sending money to Rick against Kay. Kay can't be happy about the Club for Growth's move today.

Kay's decision to rip Rick on the unemployment insurance money seems to be hurting her more and more each day with conservative groups inside Texas and out alike. She has to either be hoping this issue will go away soon, or hoping she will be vindicated somehow between now and March 2010.

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