Friday, March 20, 2009

Rick on tape talking about VOTER ID...

Kay has declined to weigh in on one of the biggest issues of the Texas legislature this session, Voter I.D. I made a blog about this last week (link).

Rick, on the other hand, talks to Statesman bloggers on camera about it (link).

Jason Embry writes:
Perry went by the House on Thursday to greet the family of the late Rep. George “Buddy” West, whom lawmakers honored with a memorial resolution. Perry fielded a few questions outside the chamber, including one on voter ID:

Embry continues:
Does that mean he thinks people inside the Capitol are against “open, honest elections?”
Probably. Voter I.D. is such an overwhelming winner of an issue in the polls, even among Democrat voters, Hispanic voters, and especially among Republican voters, that it is strange the vote in the Texas Senate this week broke down along strict party lines. Why is it such a hot button issue inside the dome and such a non controversial topic outside the dome?

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