Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good question... "where does Kay stand on DREAM Act"???

A blog I have stumbled across from time to time called Marc's Mscellany has posed an important question about Kay and her support for the DREAM Act (link). Excerpt follows:
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is expected to reintroduce the DREAM Act this week. DREAM Act supporters, which include me, are hopeful that Congress will finally enact this needed measure.

Sen. Cornyn supported the filibuster of the 2007 version of the DREAM Act. (He
voted against the cloture motion.) Cornyn presumably will continue to oppose the DREAM Act.

Sen. Hutchison actually voted in favor of cloture (which would have ended the filibuster) in 2007. She intended, however, to offer an amendment that was aimed at making the bill more palatable to her fellow Republicans. (She never got the chance, as the cloture motion failed.)

DREAM Act supporters consider Hutchison to be
on the fence. Her office will no doubt receive many phone calls, letters and e-mail messages urging her to support the act. But Hutchison, who hopes to be Texas’ next governor, is preparing for a primary showdown with Gov. Perry. How many likely Republican primary voters support the DREAM Act? That is no doubt a question Hutchison will be asking herself as she considers the measure.
Kay has been one of the few Republican supporters of the DREAM Act in the past. Will she continue that track, even though the DREAM Act is highly unpopular among Republican primary voters?

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  1. Three weeks ago (its on you tube she was rewarded by LULAC as The Legislator of the Year 2008 for her leadership on this bill which provides a pathway to US citizenship to some who are here illegally correct?


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