Monday, March 30, 2009

YOU the reader be my editorial board...

While this little blog experiment is still in its infancy, I want to hear from my readers.

What topics should I be writing about?

On the one hand, I want to write about a lot of insider stories. Who is on what campaign, doing what behind the scenes. On the other hand, I want to attract a broad audience and spark a broad conversation, which means covering only the really big issues.

Then there are the issues... should I cover 10 stories per day shallowly or do one or two really in depth blogs per day?

Should I add more of my own opinions, or just try to report the facts and let you the reader decide for yourself?

One key feature of this blog and other blogs is that we can cover the stories reporters in the mainstream media ignore. Should I focus on more original blogs and do less talking about what the mainstream reporters are talking about? On that note, are there any stories I am blatantly missing right now that I should be covering (but maybe I don't know about them because they are not in the mainstream media)?

Finally, should I monetize this blog or keep it advertisement free? It is not really worth it to monetize unless I have a lot of readers, which is still a work in progress. I am leaning toward keeping Rick vs. Kay 100% advertisement free. Would you appreciate that, or does it even matter? Thoughts?


  1. you have ignored kbh's vote last week on the national service bill

  2. Texas ConservativeMarch 30, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    The Senator was on CNN and said she would campaign for female Democrats over male Republicans. Here is the transcript:

  3. I think your slanted towards the insiders in the KBH camp. its clear that their feeding you stuff and the perry stuff comes from bigger stories that you cant ignore. the Kay Bais shows even though she has run the worse campaign in the history of the GOP and thats a long list. looks like a Rudy do over.

    She votes like Snowe and Collins from Maine, Boxer of California and the other females in the us senate. why dont you ever talk/write about that.

    While your bashing Perry keep it at least a little fair but telling the story of how she wants to win by never taking a stand. \Shes the John Kerry of the Highland Park cocktail set.

  4. Keep the ads off. Keep it uncluttered, unless you think you can buy a boat from adding ads.

  5. Just go with the flow and it will sort itself out.


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