Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rick's Chief of Staff apparently doesn't like Brad Pitt.

Jay Kimbrough, Rick's main man, apparently doesn't like the movie Fight Club (link). Who can blame him-- it got all preachy and philosophical, what's her face Carter Bonham was not that attractive, and it spawned that annoying catch phrase about not talking about fight club. Excerpt follows:

CORPUS CHRISTI - Governor Rick Perry's Chief of Staff was in the city Wednesday to see that security changes were implemented immediately at the Corpus Christi State School after cell phone videos of 'fight club' style fights surfaced Tuesday.

The Governor's Chief of Staff, Jay Kimbrough, said he saw the fight club video last week and called it disgusting and saddening.

Ed Norton's acting was overrated, but I wouldn't exactly call it disgusting. Saddening fits, though.

In all seriousness, let's hope Jay Kimbrough busts some faces in over this incident. He could then walk away slowly towards the camera, flick his cigarette into a pile of dry, combustible leaves, and say in a gravelly voice, "only I can prevent forest fires."

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