Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Rick next on the DNC chopping block?

I've always admired South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford. He is not Mr. Charismatic on television, but he is probably one of the most principled Republicans out there today. He is what the Republican Party brand should be. He is the true "Maverick" swimming against the rancid tide of big government.

The Democratic National Committee is playing politics and attacking Sanford for his principled stand on the highly political stimulus bill. Below is the YouTube video (link):

Is Rick next up? Or do they not care about Rick, because he's not as likely to run for President as Sanford. Thoughts? Seems like the Texas market is a bit pricey compared to South Carolina, so it would be a surprise if they went after Rick, but if the DNC has any principles, we'd be seeing these ads in our TV markets starting next week.

What is it about attack ads that make you just emotionally rally around your guy? That's my gut feeling right now with Sanford.


  1. Sanford has never done things the way the S.C. good ole boy network wants him to do things. He's made a lot of enemies along the way, but he's also earned the respect of a lot of us who were skeptical in the beginning.

  2. West Texas Town of El Paso, I Fell In Love WIth A Mexican GirlMarch 15, 2009 at 12:01 PM

    South Carolina is facing difficult times, while Texas is still doing really well. S.C.'s unemployment rate is in the double digits, while Texas' is a point or two below the national average.

    What Sanford is doing is a lot easier to attack from a "tug at your heartstrings" kind of point of view. Perry has done a good job in Texas with the economy, so this move is not as easy to attack....


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