Monday, March 30, 2009

Kay brought Hill to tears?

It was a wild Friday. On the same day that Kay ran into a snag with the base for insulting Sarah Palin (link), she was at the Women's Museum in Dallas bringing Hillary Clinton to tears (link). Excerpt follows:

Clinton, the Democratic secretary of state, and Hutchison, the Republican senior senator from Texas, spoke to each other like close sisters, rather than political adversaries who share almost nothing in common.

The highlight of the 55-minute conversation occurred when Hutchison interrupted Clinton to weigh in on the former New York senator's historic but unsuccessful presidential campaign last year.

"The most incredible thing I saw in you during this period was your ability to keep a happy face, a confident face, when you were getting so many disappointments," Hutchison said.

Hutchison noted that Clinton was able to get over her loss and help Barack Obama win the White House.

"That character is why you're secretary of state today," she said.

The Dallas Morning news has a brief video, but I can't embed it... (link).

After hanging out with Kay, Hillary went to accept the Planned Parenthood award (link), which only reminds Republican voters that Kay is also moderately pro-choice.

As each week goes by, I have to ask myself more and more what Kay's campaign strategy is. Do her people not realize how damaging these kinds of days and weeks are to her chances with the Republican rank and file? Bashing Palin (link), praising Hillary. Not a good juxtaposition.

UPDATED at 9:15 in the morning...
This is the story that just won't quit on the blogs. Matt Lewis of America OnLine has a blog about the political gaffe by Kay on Friday (link). Excerpt follows:

A Republican Senator allowing her campaign to be perceived as attacking a fellow Republican Governor is problematic enough, but hamming it up with Hillary Clinton at the same time is indeed a troubling political gaffe.

I've previously pointed out Hutchison's problems with a growing number of Texas conservatives. Now add her praise of liberal Hillary Clinton -- compounded with her campaign's aiding in the attacks of a conservative Sarah Palin – to the list.

Over the weekend, I talked with some Republican leaning people who casually follow politics, and they all knew Palin had endorsed Rick, none of them knew anything about Rick's A&M ETF grant controversy, and none of them knew anything about Kay's new federal cancer push with Senator Ted Kennedy. They all knew Palin had endorsed Rick, and a few of them had heard that Kay was praising Hillary Clinton, although only a few of them knew that Kay's campaign had thrown darts at Sarah Palin

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