Monday, March 23, 2009

Kay's fundraiser theme in Round Rock: "CHANGE"

The Austin American Statesman has video from outside Kay's fundraiser in Round Rock (link).

The theme of the attendees' comments echoed Barack Obama's campaign theme: "CHANGE." One man speaks very highly of Rick and his stewardship of the economy but says that he had committed to Kay in 2006 under the assumption that Rick was not running again.

Kay's campaign offered attendance for as little as $1 for young Republicans. It looks like one college student on Twitter took her up on the offer (link). Excerpts:
@ Kay Bailey event. Lots of old people. Young people on their way.
Host about to speak at event. Senator Hutchison to arrive soon.... Only young person here.....
Hutchinson speaking now....
@WayneSlater She outlined her plan for Texas.... Good goals... Property taxes are one of them.... I thiink she is better for the State!
Looking at the tweets of @sjamesb, he seems like a disgruntled Mike Huckabee supporter. Some of the Huckabee people I talk to tell me they will never get over Rick's insistence that Huckabee drop out of the race before the Texas primary. That's a grudge that Kay may be able to use.

What's ironic about the Huckabee grudge is that Rick is considered more socially conservative than the moderately pro-choice Kay, and Huckabee's big thing was social conservativism, so if the Huckabee people go for anybody but Rick, they may end up supporting someone who is pro-choice.


  1. She seems like she's going for the Obama vote. How is that working out for ya, America?

  2. Lots of old people... lol.


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