Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Run, Rick, Run

People who know Rick know that he is a big health nut. It looks like he spent all weekend on some Forrest Gumpesque run across half the state of Texas with a News 8 Austin reporter (link). Makes sense, cuz Rick is banned from raising $$$ right now. Why not getting in some bonding time with your running buddies?

From the looks of that pic, I guess he doesn't care as much about his hair being messy as his "Goodhair" reputation holds. I am trying to picture Kay running however long Rick ran. 203 miles divided by 12 team members is about 17, so let's assume 17 miles. Can you imagine Kay running 17 miles? Maybe back in her hot cheerleading days, but not now.

Excerpt follows:
The annual Texas Independence Relay began with a declaration of sorts, from the governor.

"If you're gonna talk about it, you've gotta walk the walk as well as talk the talk," Gov. Rick Perry said.

For 203 miles, we walked the walk – well, ran the walk.

Perry led our team of 12 Austin runners on a mission to reach the San Jacinto monument and educate Texans on the importance of being physically fit.

Run, Rick, run!

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