Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How will the economy impact Rick versus Kay?

The Dallas Morning News has a somewhat informative article up about how the Governor's race will be impacted by the economy (click here to read it).

An excerpt from the article follows:

"I'm very proud of the fact that we've created more jobs than any other state," he said, citing figures that seven of 10 jobs in the country were created in Texas before the downturn late last year.

Miner pointed to Perry administration initiatives, including establishment of state funds to reward business and high-technology companies to locate and expand in Texas. He also cited the Texas Workforce Commission's job-training efforts and a fiscally conservative approach by Perry aimed at curbing state spending.

"Now is not the time to have out-of-control spending like we've seen in Washington," said Miner.

My take?

Well, Texas did enter a recession sometime recently, but it only followed the national and global recessions.

I wouldn't be surprised to see unemployment climb to 8 or 9% in Texas, but if that happens, the national rate will be 11 or 12%. Double digits, at least. If Texas is in a deep and long recession, the rest of the country is in depression.

Rick has taken credit for Texas' booming economy, and Kay's people do have a valid point about Rick sometimes taking credit for things that preceded him (such as Texas' lack of an income tax and being a non-union state), but he has also been a Club For Growth style warrior on economic issues. He has played defense where necessary and gone on the aggressive where possible. Think about tort reform. Think about property tax cuts. Think about advocating revenue caps. He's been a Grover Norquist movement conservative on fiscal issues.

On the other hand, Kay is a mega earmarker, but she will be able to take credit for various bridges to somewhere and museums and things around the state. She also will be able to take credit for boosting military spending which helps out Texas. She can also say that Texas is a donor state, and she's just trying to recover what we put in for us. What she can't do is say, "Texas sucks because of Rick Perry, so vote for me." She also can't say, "Rick Perry ruined the economy." Those are not credible charges, and they won't endear the "Don't Mess With Texas" types to Kay.

I think ultimately the economy will drive more people than usual to the polls, but I am not sure they will vote against the incumbent JUST CUZ. Republican primary voters will decide Rick vs. Kay. I have no idea where they will go, but I'm starting to hear buzz out there that I will write more about in future blog posts here on RickvsKay.com.

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