Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finding your voice in 140 characters.

Rick has been on Twitter for a while now (Twitter.com/GovernorPerry), and Kay is just now getting into Twitter (Twitter.com/TeamKay).

Rick also has a Twitter account for his campaign (Twitter.com/GovPerry2010) and for his state office (Twitter.com/TexGov). There seem to be several unused accounts for Kay and Rick... and some potentially fake versions of each.

The @TeamKay Twitter account seems to be a staffer or staffers just joshing around. This tweet was a little bit strange (link):
TGIF and TGFT (thank god for tacos).. Busy day @ HQ full of free tacos (thanks Wiley), b-day cake and hail storm.. Jealous?
Certainly that is not supposed to be Kay herself, right? The lowercase 'g' in God might rub a lot of people the wrong way, since most Christians at least capitalize the name of the Lord (and some Jewish people and others don't really like writing it down at all, not that there are many Jewish people in the Texas GOP primary). Then there is the "Jealous?" at the end... is that from a Saturday Night Live sketch or some MTV program that I don't know about? I guess I am too old to get the joke, especially if that is supposedly Kay herself tweeting.

Rick's staff Twitter accounts are somewhat sterile and bland, both for the state office and the campaign, but his personal tweets are often a lot more interesting. Kay's staff Twitter account seems to still be in the process of finding its voice.


  1. Twitter is a lot like haiku. I don't really get it, but I do like that you have updates fed into this site so I can read them here and not have to sign up for it.

  2. Wow...this article is one of many showing that this is just another pro-Rick Perry site. How about saying that at the top, instead of seemingly presenting yourself as unbiased.

    Bashing the use of "g" in "God" by some 20-something staffer? This site is getting ridiculous.

  3. pro perry are you nuts? This is a pro rove at least leaning kay's way. they post some fluff like twitter like thats going to win votes. this site has a bias towards KBH


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