Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kay and Big John fight for their right to pick judges.

Texas' junior and senior Senators have teamed up to fight for non-trial-lawyer judges (link). Excerpts follow:

WASHINGTON – Two weeks before Barack Obama won the presidency, Texas senators did what they'd done many times before. They invited lawyers to apply for lifetime appointments as federal judges.

Scores of applications poured in. A legal panel handpicked by the Republican senators – said to consist almost entirely of well-connected Republicans, with nary a plaintiff lawyer among them – narrowed the field.

But with Democrats in complete control of the federal government, Texas Democrats say, that process will no longer do. The screening system is on hold, beginning a fight that has already strained relations in Texas' congressional delegation and will test Obama's promises of bipartisanship.

Sounds like Kay and Big John are hard at work, but as a Republican who loathes it when liberal judges make law from the bench, I have to agree with Lloyd MF'n Doggett: Obama won and Democrats control the House and (more importantly) the Senate. They get to pick the judges, as sad as that is for the future of Texas and America.

Still, I hope Kay and Big John work their tails off to postpone as many judicial nominations for the next four years as they possibly can.

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