Thursday, March 19, 2009

How will Sarah Palin's endorsement of Rick play out?

When Sarah Palin came out earlier this year in favor of Rick, it seemed to jolt the race a bit. It added some pizazz and spunk to the contest. It gave Rick some wind behind his sails, and it apparently caught Kay off guard.

In doing research for the "Rick and Kay love their hokey online contests" post (link), I came across a gem of an editorial from Texarkana posted by the Kay peeps (link) talking about how Palin could be more of a hindrance than a help to Perry.

My take: doubtful. Palin's stock has fallen a little bit since being relegated back to far flung Alaska for that whole "being Governor" thing, but among Republicans in Texas, she remains a true rock star. If Palin comes down for even just one appearance next Spring, it will be huge. She will be able to help Rick raise money. She will draw big, energetic crowds that look good on TV and encourage people to sign up on Rick's lists to be involved. On the net, there's no way Palin is a hindrance to Rick. She may not be the golden ticket or the silver bullet that Rick's people hope, but she is DEFINITELY a plus to Rick.

I find it peculiar that the Kay campaign would even bring it up so long after the actual endorsement took place. The endorsement had finally started to fade, but they breathed a bit more life into it by mentioning it on their website. It probably indicates the Kay people are still hearing a lot out there about it from the grassroots. I can just see the little old Republican women telling Kay, "I would support you, but I am supporting the other guy because of Sarah Palin's endorsement." Kay must really, really hate Sarah Palin. First, she takes what she considered to be her VP slot on the McCain ticket. Now, Palin is endorsing Kay's opponent.

Imagine the cat fight that would ensue if the two of them were in the same room...


  1. PALIN/PERRY 2012!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

  2. Sarah Palin is so hot.


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