Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lesbian mom blog mentions Rick ...

I am still getting the hang of this whole news alert thing, google alerts in particular.

I subscribed to a few search terms involving Rick and Kay, and every now and then, it feeds me a story that just makes me do a double take. Why are some of these stories included? Why are some of these SOURCES included?

For example, the pillar of the news community, "Mombian" (lesbian mom blog), spat this article at me (link). Excerpt involving Rick follows:
On the other hand, as my husband Eric says, the issue of gay civil rights is “the only no-brainer political issue there is.” When my younger daughter Gus found out recently that gay couples are not allowed to marry in Texas, she was innocently appalled. I still have a copy of her letter to Governor Perry, in which she accused him of being “silly” and “afraid of anyone who’s different.” After that, she became something of a small-time pro-gay-marriage activist, out of sheer incredulity, and has raised a surprising amount of money for the Human Rights Campaign.
Thanks, Mombian. Now I know all about this really important situation.

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