Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Rick win the secession vote?

Texans have always been a proud bunch when it comes to our right to secede from the union. We joined voluntarily, so we should be able to withdraw voluntarily, so the logic goes.

Unfortunately, there was a little skirmish called the Civil War that kind of clouded that logic a bit.

Still, there is a growing chorus of people on the right in Texas calling for our state to secede. There is a sizeable percentage of people (maybe as high as 10-15%) who will vote in the Republican primary who genuinely want Texas to secede from the United States. Some of them are a little (OKAY, A LOT) off their rockers, but some of them are mild mannered and seemingly normal people.

Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris have both suggested in recent days that Texas should secede (link). Part of it is not liking Obama or the Democrats. Part of it is just really having a lot of state pride. Part of it is that people are just

There is a resolution (link) working its way through the Texas legislature that symbolically says to Washington, D.C. that our state doesn't have to listen to you anymore. It reaffirms the 10th amendment, and a lot of Texas House members have signed on eagerly. It is part of a growing sovereignty movement, and it is sweeping across the red states. It doesn't really have teeth, but it does have a lot of people fired up.

Apparently Rick in the Governor's office hosted some web celebrities (who are famous for knowing a lot about macs, the internet, and other geeky stuff) at the Capitol in town for South by Southwest and got a little bit too excited about Texas history and Texas pride while showing them around his office (link). I compiled a little video of the audio, combined with the pictures the bloggers took in the office and posted on their Friend Feeds and Flickr pages.

Wait for the end, and you'll hear Rick almost declare that Texas is seceding.

Rick is obviously joking around, and the web geeks all got a big laugh out of it, but in every joke there is a little bit of truth.

Combined with his rejection of some of the stimulus money and his support for the sovereignty resolution, Rick really seems to be vying for the secession vote. Is Rick worried that Larry Kilgore (link) will steal some of his thunder? Also, what is Kay doing to win over this small but active segment of Republican primary voters?

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  1. please, SECEDE! you pay some of the lowest taxes in the nation anyways, so we won't miss you much.


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