Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hits keep coming for Kay on blogs...

Texas Kaos, a very liberal blog I seem to run across quite a bit while researching issues involving Rick and Kay, has added its opinion about Kay. It's not pretty (link). Excerpts follow:
I guess Senator Hutchison will become an absentee Senator during the Texas gubernatorial 2010 campaign season. For Texans it will likely be a return to the 2000-2006 days of the Tuesday/Thursday Club in Congress. During that time lawmakers would show up to do the work of the people on Tuesday afternoon and head back to their home states on Thursday afternoon. We the taxpayers paid full-time salaries for half time representation and services.
A tough choice for Kay. Does she stay a Senator and have trouble campaigning back home? Does she stay a Senator and miss a lot of votes? Or does she resign and let Rick appoint someone who might fire up the base and make her look bad in the process? If she resigns, a lot of Republicans all around the country and in Texas will not be too happy. Kay's resignation at the wrong time could mean the possibility of a D slipping into the Senate in a special election.

Texas Kaos goes on further (excerpt):

What else is new? Kay Bailey Hutchison has been talking out of both sides of her mouth since she took office, whether it is about the war in Iraq or extended benefits for veterans. She will say one thing in Texas but vote the opposite in Washington.

The blogger, Libby Shaw, also rips Rick for being a "Texas Republican insider who has a heart made out of stone" and for being a hypocritical Christian.

Normally, I don't think an extremely liberal blog criticizing a Republican is that newsworthy, but I keep hearing that part of Kay's campaign strategy is to win over the nonconservatives in the GOP and even convince a few Democrats to cross over and vote for her against Rick. Kay cannot like it that right-wing and left-wing blogs are both really hammering her for trying to have her cake and eat it to on a variety of issues.

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