Friday, March 20, 2009

Kay courting LULAC voters.

One of Kay's strategies seems to be trying to cast Rick as a big meanie in the Hispanic community, casting herself as a hero, and winning Hispanic votes.

She recently spoke to LULAC, and it's on tape.

In this video, which has fantastic production value but extremely low videography value, Kay has very kind words for the extremely liberal Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and says she is "very proud of..." and is "sticking with..." Obama's Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Solis, you might recall, was yet another Obama nominee with a troubled tax history and far left leaning background with some radical ties. Sure enough, Kay broke ranks with Big John and other conservatives and voted to confirm Hilda Solis (link).

Kay says that LULAC was "here representing the Hispanic community of America when it wasn't cool to be doing that" and that it has been doing a "wonderful job." Probably fair statements there, although LULAC does strike me as politically left of center.

It is also interesting that Kay's strategy here seems to be to take credit for a lot of large porky spending projects, the very thing that has caused her so much trouble in the mainstream media and on blogs in recent weeks. Kay brags about some project she funded with Democrat Ruben Hinojosa to the tune of 12 million dollars, and later 100 million dollars. I have no idea what the projects are, and I bet a lot of the people there don't have any idea, but the numbers sound big and impressive.

As someone who has had some but not a lot of experience helping Republicans reach out to Hispanics, does that pork based strategy work? Just bringing home the bacon and making sure everyone sees your label on it? The patron (or matron in this instance) taking care of the helpless constituents. Does that really work in the Hispanic community?

It is also interesting that Kay talks quite a bit about Tony Garza showing her around South Texas, maybe before she realized he is supporting Rick in this race (link).

Thanks a "loyal reader" for the tip on the video. I don't need loyalty, and I am not asking for it, but thanks for declaring it. I'll take whatever I can get.

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