Friday, March 20, 2009

Rick, border security, and the ACLU

The ACLU put out a report earlier this week saying that Rick's border security programs are fraught with management and oversight problems (link). The State Auditor had a much different conclusion, saying that the grant process has been overseen effectively (link).

For Republican primary voters, a candidate being criticized by the ACLU is one step above criticism from the New York Times. It is almost a badge of honor. In this case, it seems like the criticism was more about the ACLU not liking border security programs than anything else.

Border security will be an issue in the Rick vs. Kay race. Rick has attempted to distinguish himself as a nationally recognized advocate for strong border security. Kay has looked toward a softer stance, likely to court Hispanic voters.

Thanks to Brandi Grissom of the El Paso Times for the idea for this blog (link).

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