Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kay and Ted Kennedy share op-ed on cancer.

Cancer is one of Rick's big deals. He helped get the big cancer center on the ballot and has pushed to make Texas one of the top places in the world to research cures for cancer. He has wrapped himself in the flag of cancer, if you will.

In a very sage move to neutralize Rick's advantage on this issue, Kay has co-written an op-ed with Senator Ted Kennedy about cancer (link). Excerpt follows:
The solution isn’t easy, but there are steps we should take now if we hope to see the diagnosis rate decline substantially and the survival rate increase. To do so, we must identify and remove the numerous barriers that obstruct our progress in cancer research and treatment.


We have introduced bipartisan legislation to bring about these necessary changes, and we hope to see the bill enacted in the coming weeks and months. These policy initiatives cannot be fully implemented without broad support and sufficient resources, and we are committed to leading this effort to completion.

It’s time to reinvigorate the War on Cancer, and more effective coordination of policy and science is indispensable for rapid progress.

For Kay, she gets to neutralize Rick's cancer talking points, while demonstrating her bipartisan skills through working with well known Democrat Ted Kennedy.

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