Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kay getting pushback from right wing bloggers about running?

A blogger lady named TxSkirt has really captured what a lot of us are feeling with regard to the Kay versus Rick race (link). Excerpt follows:
Many would assume I am a Rick Perry fan. To tell you the truth, I haven’t decided who I will support. There are many things about Rick I like and dislike. There are many things about Kay that I like and dislike. Both have served the State of Texas admirably. I think many conservative Texans are in my shoes. How do you decide who to vote for between two people you really kind of like? Neither of them have done that much to piss me off or make me stand up an cheer.


This is not good for the party. It will leave it scarred an divided at a time when we can least afford it. There is nothing unifying about this upcoming election cycle. It will have national ramifications. The bloodshed will be heavy and could result in significant losses to the Democrats. Plus it will provide fodder to the left-wing bloggers who would love to watch the Republican Party implode.

I see no good here. No good at all.

More and more, this is what I am hearing from party officials... the mid level kind. County chairs. Even precinct chairs. Leaders of various Republican clubs. People like that. I am hearing that each side is going to spend 20+ million bucks, at a time when we need to be united and moving toward taking back an actual working majority in the Texas House and even possibly recapturing one side of the United States Congress.

I have little doubt that Rick and Kay are both in this fight, and neither one is backing down. They are gearing up for a battle royale, and it may get ugly.

As churlish as I can be on this blog, and as much fun as a protracted battle between Rick and Kay would be to write about for the next year, I really hope that this battle doesn't harm the GOP in Texas. In some ways, I hope there is no battle.

TxSkirt really captured the essence of what a lot of us are feeling. In the past few weeks of paying acute attention to the race, I have seen some things that have tipped the scales a little... and my loyalties have started to take shape. I have also seen some foreshadowing from both sides about just how ugly this race might get. I just hope Kay's decision to run for Governor doesn't result in handing our state over to the Democrats.

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  1. Michelle Samuelson wrote about this very subject today on her blog


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